Our Background

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. It is one of the famous quotes from Sun Tzu in his book entitled the Art of War which has a long-standing biblical reputation. Sun Tzu’s timeless knowledge in the art of war covers multi-discipline from diplomacy, psychology, finance, and most important thing is the importance of information.
A reliable and structured information can bring you to a decent decision-making process. However, a reliable and structured knowledge offer you some steps forwards of weeks or months in similar decision-making process.

In today’s world, major business owner have been relying on information obtained through mainstream media, or some more in-depth analysis prepared through market research or due diligence report, as part of basis to define their commercial and operation strategy. However, the information serves as a post-factum hence in the event of staggering event take place, the company provides a more reactive response rather than precautious measures.
Furthermore, with the vast recent technological advancement, companies are required to construct a more prudent decision, yet, shall be made by considering the essence of the time. Intelligence information and ability to forecast the upcoming event therefore provide rooms for business owner to prepare and provide better response.

However, the development of information collection and analysis has changed. Companies around the globe employ not only quantitative or qualitative method in preparing their initiative but also a mixed method, which has been exercised by major multinational companies and proven to be more effective to correspond with global and strategic challenges. Our presence in Indonesia is the initiative to introduce this mixed method to individuals and companies to offer them a better paradigm and approach in business environment.

What kind of companies uses Business Intelligence?

There is no limit on type of companies which employ Business Intelligence. It covers from micro, small and medium enterprise, to major companies and conglomerate.

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