Our Background

In today’s world, major business owner have been relying on information obtained through mainstream media, or some more in-depth analysis prepared through market research or due diligence report, as part of basis to define their commercial and operation strategy Read More...

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is a collection of concept, method and knowledge for businesses to achieve its objective to compete, survive or triumph in business environment.It is that simple. In practice, the math is much more complicated Read More...

For What Purpose Our Clients use Business Intelligence?

It is quite simple. Our clients use our Business Intelligence product either to compete, win or survive in the market and get over the dynamics in which each objective requires different approach and initiative.

Gain New Customer Insights

Actionable Information

Sales Insight

Improved Visibility

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Our Analyst Profile

Our team members consist of professional and expert with in depth experience in dealing with various aspect of Business Intelligence. Our analysts previously hold strategic position in both notable private and public institutions ranging from highly regulated industries in Indonesia and overseas, including at international organization. Thus, this unique combination of experience is the foundation of our analyst to provide their strategic Business Intelligence insights.

Our Team

Why our Business Intelligence product is different?

We present our client with a set of knowledge upon the question they present. Not only a mere graph, chart, and table. We provide our client with underlying rationale, surrounding local environment which affect the subject matter, and how market players perceive the presented issue. Thus, we present to you more than just an economic or commercial side of the matter, but also the more extended knowledge and expertise.

Areas of Expertise

What kind of companies uses Business Intelligence?

There is no limit on type of companies which employ Business Intelligence. It covers from micro, small and medium enterprise, to major companies.